How to Get Over the Fear of Flying?

Fear of flying

According to the statistics, 30% of the world population suffers from aerophobia; the fear of flight.

If only the thought of being on an airplane causes a thrill of fright from your head to toe then, unfortunately, you are suffering from aerophobia. It has the potential to not only ruin the joy of your trip but it can also become a roadblock in your career progress, like you either not attend a beneficial travel/meeting because you can’t board on a plane; or in case you board on, the whole voyage passes out in vomiting, panicking, or losing control. It appears ashamed but is a fact!

Does the Fear Affrights You?

Many of the aerophobia sufferers actually haven’t even flown for once. They are its victim because they have seen their closest relative, maybe the family member(s) or friend(s), having a fear of flying. If you are one of them then we suggest you face what affrights you.

If the plane crash is the thing that seems dreadful to you, you’ll be glad to know that plane rides are safer than ground rides. The ratio of plane crashes is one out of eleven million and this is far less than road accidents. So, say “good-bye” to the fear and freely board to the airplane.

Is it the Noise that Disturbs You? 

If the sounds that the aircraft makes, horrify you and stop you from enjoying the airplane trip, then a simple solution is to get in contact with the airport. Listen to the whirs and purrs of the airplanes taking off and you’ll soon get used to of the noise that was once disturbing you.

Do You Fear from the Height?

If you just fear from the height, the time when the plane takes-off the flight makes you feel like your heart stayed down or is about to burst, don’t be tense. Here’s how to deal with the height phobia:

Be prepared, take it easy, believe that you’ll be successful, breathe in, breathe out, do not overwhelm the situation and that’s all!

Does Flying make you Sick?

People use to complain that they so try to overcome their fear of flying and due to this, get sick. A number of ways can be adopted to avoid such sickness.

If you think or know that flight makes you sick, then try to reserve a seat that is near to the front of the plane, eat a lighter meal before the flight, use ginger ale soft drink, and carry some Dramamine.

If you follow these tips to overcome the fear of flying, we guarantee you that you’ll forget of the fear you had for flying once. It will make you happier and healthier and will be beneficial for your career progress too.

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